How does the LightRocket support service work?

We are committed to ensuring you get the most from your LightRocket Media Manager platform. Once your system is installed and validated, it should run smoothly. But from time to time gremlins can emerge, especially when the system is updated. Similarly there will be times when you need some advice or support from our team. 

You can also get more from a tool like LightRocket Media Manager by defining a strategy that matches your organisation's unique requirements. Our support team can help you draw up that strategy, providing advice on custom work flows and helping imagine the best ways your LightRocket system can work for you.

An annual support and upgrades service costs just US$ 2,400. 

Our support team is available online or by phone during normal office hours Bangkok time (GMT+7) and often beyond. We'll try and get back to you right away but our service pledge is to ensure you have a first level response within 24 hours. 

As often as possible we'll aim to confirm a solution or provide an answer to your support query within that time frame.

But if your support query requires further, more resource intensive, action our first level response will include an indication of what the next steps will be along with an estimate of how long we'll need to resolve the issue. 


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