Can I customise my system?

When you purchase your LightRocket Media Manager license, you will immediately enjoy a wide array of features.

And since the LightRocket platform is continually being enhanced by our development team you may also benefit from ongoing standard upgrades that include the addition of new features and behind-the-scenes changes that improve performance.

We also welcome feedback from our clients. So feel free to tell us about an idea you have for a new feature that will make the system even better. In such instances your idea may be adopted and be added to our development schedule. It might appear in an update a week, or perhaps months, later.

However, if there is a feature you would urgently like to add that is specifically relevant to your organisation, then this may be considered as a request for customised functionality.

In this instance, you'll need to provide us with a comprehensive written outline of your requirements in response to which we will provide you with a quotation based on an estimate of the time and resource required to implement your customisation proposal. 


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